Let's Get Farming!


Welcome to Let's Get Farming! We chose this name for our website for a few different reasons.  First, it's a call to action for ourselves.  We are starting out on our farming venture, a shared dream that is several years in the making. The time has finally come for us to make our dream a reality, and we're ready! 

Second, we have not yet chosen a name for our farm.  We have a strong possibility, but not an official name.  We're hoping our blog followers will help us come up with something when the time is right.  In the meantime, we need a placeholder for our future farm name. 

Third, we hope this website will be a call to action for many others. Each of us has individually dedicated a good part of our lives to encouraging others to grow food. We hope that this website will inspire folks to do that. We want to share our journey - where we find resources, where we stumble, how we grow. We hope that in addition to inspiring others to farm, this website will provide tips and tools that we gain along the way. 

Thanks for reading this, and enough already - let's get farming!