Happy New Year from Rise & Root Farm!

Thanks to the support of so many family, friends, and customers, we had an incredible year full of joy, challenges, learning, and lots of hope and motivation for the upcoming year. Here are some of the accomplishments we're most proud of:

  • Starting a farm and completing our first season!
  • Selling at three farmers markets, one of which we actually started ourselves! (the Chester farmers market)
  • Developing great relationships with three NYC restaurants and budding relationships with more
  • Providing flowers for 3 weddings, one of which will be featured in Sweet Paul Magazine's wedding edition in 2016
  • Working with incredible volunteers who jump started our season time and time again (you know who you are!)
  • Hosting visits from wonderful groups of students and visitors from organizations like Farm School NYCEast New York Farms!, Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger, Kingsboro Community College, and GrowNYC.
  • Setting up drip irrigation on our one acre of cultivated land
  • Buying and learning how to use our BCS walk-behind tractor
  • Learning about black dirt's incredible ability to grow magnificent and very tall weeds
  • Getting to know the town of Chester and Orange County and loving it!

Our plan for the year was to start small, but it's hard to feel like what we did was small! However, we know that without the support of so many others we could not have done anywhere close to what we did. So thanks to all of you.

We can't wait to spend the winter reflecting, planning, and getting ready for 2016.  We wish you all a great year with lots of happiness, health, love, and laughter.

With love, respect, and warmth,

Rise & Root Farm