Celebrating Our Urban-Rural Connections

Integral to our vision of Rise & Root is the idea that our farm should be strongly linked to New York City as well as the communities of the Hudson Valley.  

We have spent much of our lives pursuing activities that blur the line between traditional “urban” and “rural” activities. We cherish our relationships with organizations such as Farm School NYC, which has helped train a new generation of community gardeners, and Just Food, which promotes access to nutritious, locally grown produce in our urban communities.

We believe that food is a tool to mitigate many of the social and economic inequities that we face. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel empowered by the act of growing their own food. Everyone should have access to food that will improve their health. Everyone should be given the skills that will allow them to prepare fresh vegetables.

This is a vision that will come true only if we continue to recognize and build upon the connections between agriculture and everything else. This is where Rise & Root comes in. We’d like to build a new community kitchen and use it to host farming and cooking classes, to create new education and employment opportunities, and to create a space that we can use as a hub for our community, from downtown Chester to New York City.

We need your help to make this community kitchen a reality. To donate to our Indiegogo campaign, click here.