Herb Salts

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Herb Salts

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Savor the flavor of Rise & Root Farm herb salts, made with herbs grown right here in the famous and fertile black dirt and with hand-harvested, solar-dried Maine Sea Salt. Herbs are dried in the salt, and the salt absorbs the flavor, bringing the taste of fresh herbs whenever you add it.

Herb salts come in our favorite five different blends in 2 oz tins, so don't pick just one. Save money when you purchase all five!

  • Savory Sensation: Salt with our favorite herb of the season - summer savory.
  • Triple Basil Salt: Salt mixed with our Italian, Thai, and Greek basil varieties, leaving you with a taste you can't forget.
  • Lemongo: Lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and oregano - wow!
  • Garlic salt: Salt with our very small batch of garlic from this season. It's too good not to share.
  • Herbs de Chester: Our very own special mix of herbs, influenced by the traditional Herbs de Provence mix.

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